Friday, January 1, 2010

Summer = Co-ed Softball

Man, writing all of these summer catch-up posts is really a bad idea. Here I am looking through all of our summer pictures and reminiscing about those few months of lazy days by the pool while it snows outside. This is not helping my dread of another semester, nor is it improving my relationship with Utah winters. Anyway, Randon and friends reunited as the Little Debbies. I, of course, was the team mom/cheerleader (not that I did a single toe-touch, or even got off of my blanket, for that matter). In the end, they were the best! They won the championship and got the coveted intramural champion t-shirt. Bravo!

Pre-game huddle... sort of...

The Great Randoo.

A rare strike from Janna :)

Thank you Jill for fake running so I could get this action shot.

The Little Debbies in all of their glory.

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