Friday, January 1, 2010

Fourth of July

Welp, Randon is still watching football, so I guess I have time for another catch-up post. We stayed around Provo for the 4th this year. There is a pretty cool parade, and we live right down the road from the stadium, so we were able to see the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the lawn in front of our complex.

We started the festivities by making an American flag cake. Man that was tasty.

The finished product.

Me and the finished product.

There was a little rain shower in the middle of the parade. We got a little wet, but it was hot so it felt good.

Randon and I liked different things about the parade. Here are some of my favorites:

The floats

The marching bands

Here are Randon's favorites:

He really liked the llamas but...

His favorite thing about the whole parade was watching the boys who had the pleasant job of scooping the llama and horse poop, as depicted above. Let me tell you, there was a lot of poop.

Our spot in front of our apt. complex to watch the fireworks.

There were quite a few people out on the curb with us to watch the fireworks. We were all very confused and disappointed when they abruptly ended after only a few minutes. Randon and I waited for a while just to make sure that they were really over, decided that they were, and packed everything up. Of course, as soon as we got half way to our apartment, they started up again. Apparently, they were doing a scene from Wicked. Alphaba hadn't finished defying gravity until after we packed up.

I was a little bit obsessed with fruit desserts this summer. This is a scrumptious cake I made with strawberry filling. It was rich. We gave half of it away after we realized that we were getting fat.

This was before the icing started melting. We tried not to use the air conditioning as much as possible. Icing doesn't like a warm apartment.

Randon sustained a lot of injuries this summer. Most of them were on his legs. By the end of July, both legs looked like this. Some of those were from softball, one was from golf, and some were from slipping on the nasty greasy floors in the Seven Peaks kitchen. Gross.

This is how he felt about his legs. Sad boy.


  1. A post a post! Yay for the fourth! Your cake was fabulous. I think I will copy this year. :) Happy NEW YEAR! Miss you.

  2. Hey so it's been a while since I went on your blog! We need to be better updaters too. I hope everything works out for Lily's birthday. I got Alisha to take the pictures!

  3. Your blog is sooo behind on the times. Aren't you unemployed or something this summer? :) Let's see some updates!!