Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Claire is 5 Months!!

Claire is 5 months old! I love her so much! Here are some of her current stats:

  • She's 13 pounds and is just growing out of her 3 month clothes. At her last check-up they said she was in the 10th-25th percentile for height and weight. She's just a little girl.
  • She is working on rolling over, but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.
  • She loves people and going new places. She gets quiet and observant when we go places. She really likes to see everything.
  • She loves her swaddle-- at least, she won't sleep without it. Not sure what we're going to do with that.
  • Claire has opinions and she'll let you know it. Like right now, she's about had it in this exersaucer and she's being vocal about it.
  • Her new favorite thing to do beyond trying to eat everything in her vicinity is to fake laugh at her toys. It comes out as more of a cough sounding thing, but it's really cute.
  • She is really good at photo shoots and we document how cute she looks in her outfits everyday.
  • I think she might be the cutest baby I've ever seen. Other people have corroborated this statement.
  • She will typically take a two naps a day, two hours each if I'm lucky. She's in bed by 8:00 and wakes up at 7:00 (as long as I do a dream feed at around 10:30).
  • She brings be more joy than I ever thought possible!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Quick Pregnancy Update...

Hello everyone! I know you all think that the only thing I like to blog about is the 4th of July, but I thought I'd break the mold and give a little pregnancy update. I'm currently 25 weeks along, and Randon and I are so excited for our baby girl to join our family. She's a pretty active little thing and kicks me all the time. I thought it'd be fun to see a little belly progression...

17 weeks

18 weeks

22 weeks
 (sitting in the captain's quarters aboard a replica of one of the ships that the colonists sailed over to Jamestown on)

25 weeks

There you have it! I feel like I could not possibly get any bigger, but I've felt like that for the past 3 months... Apparently I have a little more to go. Bring on the elastic!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We're Still Here!

Randon and I spent the summer in Virginia. He had an internship with Ernst and Young. It was a great summer and it only furthered my love for the best city in the U.S.-- Washington D.C. of course.

We did lots of fun things this summer. This is us at a National's game. Obviously.

We went to Mt. Vernon. I may have enjoyed this one a little more than Randon. I love this kind of stuff!

This was a very friendly donkey. We bonded.

For the 4th of July, we decided to do it up big and go downtown. Everyone says that you only need to do it once in your life because it's so crazy. I disagree. It's all about where you sit. I guess if you were to try to find a spot on the Mall, you would have a hard time. We sat on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. It was a beautiful view and it wasn't too crowded. (Yes, I realize that we match-- Randon was a little embarrassed, but I thought it was cute.)

On the steps before the show.

This is us on our two year anniversary. Randon took me out to a nice dinner in downtown Leesburg. We went to Lightfoot, which is a restaurant in what used to be a bank. The building was beautiful and old fashioned. It was great!

Us in front of the Washington D.C. Temple.

All in all, it was a great summer. Many thanks to Randon's parents for housing and feeding us. We had a blast in the "concrete suite."

Randon got a full-time offer with E&Y! We expect to start in the fall. Anyone have any good housing suggestions?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fourth of July

Welp, Randon is still watching football, so I guess I have time for another catch-up post. We stayed around Provo for the 4th this year. There is a pretty cool parade, and we live right down the road from the stadium, so we were able to see the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the lawn in front of our complex.

We started the festivities by making an American flag cake. Man that was tasty.

The finished product.

Me and the finished product.

There was a little rain shower in the middle of the parade. We got a little wet, but it was hot so it felt good.

Randon and I liked different things about the parade. Here are some of my favorites:

The floats

The marching bands

Here are Randon's favorites:

He really liked the llamas but...

His favorite thing about the whole parade was watching the boys who had the pleasant job of scooping the llama and horse poop, as depicted above. Let me tell you, there was a lot of poop.

Our spot in front of our apt. complex to watch the fireworks.

There were quite a few people out on the curb with us to watch the fireworks. We were all very confused and disappointed when they abruptly ended after only a few minutes. Randon and I waited for a while just to make sure that they were really over, decided that they were, and packed everything up. Of course, as soon as we got half way to our apartment, they started up again. Apparently, they were doing a scene from Wicked. Alphaba hadn't finished defying gravity until after we packed up.

I was a little bit obsessed with fruit desserts this summer. This is a scrumptious cake I made with strawberry filling. It was rich. We gave half of it away after we realized that we were getting fat.

This was before the icing started melting. We tried not to use the air conditioning as much as possible. Icing doesn't like a warm apartment.

Randon sustained a lot of injuries this summer. Most of them were on his legs. By the end of July, both legs looked like this. Some of those were from softball, one was from golf, and some were from slipping on the nasty greasy floors in the Seven Peaks kitchen. Gross.

This is how he felt about his legs. Sad boy.

Summer = Co-ed Softball

Man, writing all of these summer catch-up posts is really a bad idea. Here I am looking through all of our summer pictures and reminiscing about those few months of lazy days by the pool while it snows outside. This is not helping my dread of another semester, nor is it improving my relationship with Utah winters. Anyway, Randon and friends reunited as the Little Debbies. I, of course, was the team mom/cheerleader (not that I did a single toe-touch, or even got off of my blanket, for that matter). In the end, they were the best! They won the championship and got the coveted intramural champion t-shirt. Bravo!

Pre-game huddle... sort of...

The Great Randoo.

A rare strike from Janna :)

Thank you Jill for fake running so I could get this action shot.

The Little Debbies in all of their glory.

Viva Las Vegas

I've decided that I'm not very good at blogging. I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, and even have the audacity to get upset if some one hasn't updated in a while. Like I have any room to talk. So, without further adieu, here was our summer:

We went to our dear friend Jimmy's wedding in Vegas. It was a blast. Other than the wedding festivities, we played in the city.

Me and my hubby on the strip.

Inside the Bellagio. They did a beautiful, as always, flower thing inside. It's always one of my favorite things to do -- go see the flower thing... display... thing...

Randon was having a little too much fun with the water that was shooting in lovely arcs over the walk way. He stuck his hand in one of them and got Jill all wet. Notice the "I didn't do it" face that he's putting on. Nice try...

One of my dearest friends being... scared?... surprised?... flaunting her perfect eyelashes? Yeah, that's gotta be it.


Waiting for the water show at the Bellagio.

Still waiting...

I told Randon that this is his punishment for not smiling in pictures. Booya.

The water show! I believe that this one was "Viva Las Vegas."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Fun

This summer started out with Duncan and Liz's wedding. It was beautiful!

Yeah, sorry about your car...
Randon and I both got summer jobs at Seven Peaks water park. He was my supervisor. Yeah, believe it. It was nice to have season passes, but other than that, Randon's face pretty much shows how we felt each day before we went to work. We would rather be playing at Seven Peaks than working there...